Swim lesson registration is open!

Swim lessons run Monday-Thursday in 2-week sessions throughout the summer and early fall. Morning and evening times are available. Each 2-week session costs $60.00 for 8 lessons. For more details on levels, scroll further down this page. 

Here's how to get started:

  1. Parent / legal guardian completes a registration form for each swimmer.
  2. If you want morning lessons, arrive at 10:30am on the first day of lessons. If you want evening lessons, arrive at 6:30pm on the first day of lessons. Exact class times will be set on this day.
  3. Payment is due on the first day of lessons. Please bring cash or a check made to Parker Pool. If paying by PayPal, please send to contactparkerpool@gmail.com and please include the 3% fee making the total $61.80
  4. The first day of lessons is assessment. On day 1, all swimmers, all levels, sit on the side of the pool and instructors assess individually and form classes of 4 swimmers.
  5. At the end of day 1 (the assessment) we determine lesson times with parents... right there on the deck!
  6. Watch your swimmer overcome fears, become stable, mobile, and ultimately, independent!

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~ 6 general swim lesson levels

Parent & Tot


These classes emphasize water safety and comfort in a fun environment with the parent joining the tot in the water. 

Getting Comfy (Beginner)


For ages 2 yrs and up, able to sit on side and wait for a turn. Learn skills including to blow bubbles, float, & pick up rings off the stairs and bottom.

Getting Stable (Beginner)


Learn skills including floating, breathing, and jumping in. 

Getting mobile (Intermediate)


Work on skills for the foundation of freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke.

Learning Strokes (Advanced)


Solid foundation, technique, learn to swim the length of the pool

Youth Lap Swim (Swim Team!)


For kids able to swim the length of the pool, we work on stroke technique, flip turns, and starts.

More information

Additional Information

Group classes are held morning or evening - morning classes are within 9-11 AM, evening is 6-7:30 PM. Lessons are 30 minutes.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early. Goggles are optional for everyone EXCEPT beginners in week 1. Beginners in week one will not be allowed goggles. No fins, face masks, life jackets, or floaties are allowed. Please apply sunscreen before you leave the house so your swimmer won't be slippery in the instructor's grasp and so it won't come off in the water.

There are usually no more than 4 swimmers in a group; fewer the younger they are and maybe one extra if the group is older. Youth lap swim will still be offered but it will probably end up practicing with swim team.  A session is 8 lessons held on Mondays through Thursday with Friday being a make up day. 

The fee is $60.00 you can pay by cash or check on day 1. Alternatively, you can submit your payment through PayPal, by sending $61.50 (3% fee added) to our email: contactparkerpool@gmail.com