here's how renting the pool works

Please read through the rental options in the section below and contact us through this page's form. Let us know the date and time and number of swimmers and what party you want to have.

Next, we reply with availability and deposit amount needed. Then, once we have your deposit, your date is reserved. 

Please email or message us with any questions that aren't answered here. Thank you for thinking of Parker Pool as the place to host your celebration!

  1. You can bring food, drinks, ice chests for no extra cost. This applies to private rentals and those who rent a shade during normal business hours. Please, no glass or alcohol.
  2. You can bring tables, chairs, umbrellas for the picnic tables.
  3. Be warned: the ants will find your crumbs instantly and they are brutal. Please be tidy and ask us for all the garbage bags you need. We suggest tie one on the fence and don't leave open containers of food or wrappers sitting anywhere. 
  4. No water balloons, plastic or metallic confetti - in the water, these are choking hazards.
  5. We will be ready minimum of 15 minutes prior to let you set up, longer if you need, just let us know.
  6. Always have a back up plan for your pool party. We take the best care possible of the pool but it is 41 years old. Also, bad weather can happen any day. Hurricanes and tropical storms have cancelled parties too.
  7. If you need to cancel, let us know at least one week in advance for a full refund. If you book your party within that one week, you will not have an opportunity to cancel.
  8. If we must cancel your party for any unforeseen circumstance such as the weather, a major mechanical malfunction, or our lifeguards go on strike (just kidding), then we will give you a full refund at any time up to the moment your party starts. 
  9. If you are having a great time and want to stay an extra hour, and your guards don't mind staying, that is fine. Please pay the lifeguards the fee for the additional hour... or two, or three....


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