For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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When is the pool available to rent?

Anytime! Day or night, any day of the week.

How can I find out if a date is available?

Submit the Online Pool Rental Request. Responses regarding availability can be expected in 48 hours.

What happens once I’ve submitted the Pool Rental Request?

Once the Pool Rental Request form is received, it is cross referenced against the master rental calendar and outstanding contracts. A response with regard to availability can be expected in 24-48 hours. Once the host confirms that they want to proceed, a contract, along with a waiver, pool rules, and rental guidelines is forwarded via email. A signed contract along with a 50% deposit if the date is greater than 30 days away or 100% payment if the date is within 30 days must be returned to the person indicated in the paperwork.

Does Parker Pool offer rentals that are outside of standard parameters of time and number of persons listed? 

Yes, on the Pool Rental Request form, please indicate what type of event you would like to hold along with the start and end times and number of persons. Someone will get back to you with a quote in 48 hours.

What is provided with the rental?

Lifeguard staffing, tables, and trash bags for your clean up.

What may I bring?

You may bring food, paper/plastic products, NO GLASS, decorations, materials for games.

What if I want to have my event catered?

Caterers are allowed.

May I bring a grill?

Yes, you may bring  agrill as long as it is used on the concrete pad and you clean up afterwards. You also take full responsibility for having a grill on the premises.

May I have alcohol?

Parker Pool is an alcohol free facility. No alcohol is allowed.

What are the responsibilities of person renting the pool?

The host must ensure that EACH person attending reads, understands, and complies with the Parker pool rules and regulations. The host must ensure that a waiver is provided for each person attending the event. The host is required to have everything cleaned up, in the facility dumpster, and exiting premises by the end time of the event.